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Nothing looks more frumpy or outdated to me. The acid test of authentic tailoring standards is the wrinkle that comes from poor tailoring. Their OP is really tiny — and their OP button down was even too small! Over time, as clothing became more abundant and affordable, the sports jacket lost its association with outdoor activities and grew instead to be a staple of casual yet sophisticated style. Check out our Guide to the Best Tops under Suits.

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While a belt was originally never worn with a suit, the forced wearing of belts during wartime years caused by restrictions on use of elastic caused by wartime shortages contributed to their rise in popularity, with braces now much less popular than belts. When braces were common, the buttons for attaching them were placed on the outside of the waistband, because they would be covered by a waistcoat or cardigan, but now it is more frequent to button on the inside of the trouser.

Trousers taking braces are rather different in cut at the waist, employing inches of extra girth and also height at the back. The split in the waistband at the back is in the fishtail shape.

Those who prefer braces assert that, because they hang from the shoulders, they always make the trousers fit and hang exactly as they should, while a belt may allow the trouser waist to slip down on the hips or below a protruding midsection, and requires constant repositioning; also, they allow, indeed work best with, a slightly looser waist which gives room for natural expansion when seated. Suit trousers, also known as dress pants in the US, are a style of trousers intended as formal or semi-formal wear.

They are often made of either wool or polyester [37] although many other synthetic and natural textiles are used and may be designed to be worn with a matching suit jacket. Suit trousers often have a crease in the front of each pant leg, and may have one or more pleats. Suit trousers can be worn at many formal and semi-formal occasions combined with a shirt that has no tie and a more relaxed fashion, which can be considered smart casual dress.

As an alternative to trousers, breeches or knickers in variations of English where this does not refer to underwear may be worn with informal suits, such as tweed. These are shorter, descending to just below the knees, fastened closely at the top of the calf by a tab or button cuff. While once common, they are now typically only worn when engaged in traditional outdoor sports, such as shooting or golf.

The length and design is closely related to the plus-fours and plus-sixes etc. They are usually designed to be worn with long socks meeting just below the knee, but riding breeches, worn with long boots such as top boots , are long enough to meet the boot and display no sock.

Accessories for suits include neckties , shoes , wristwatches and pocket watches , pocket squares , cufflinks , tie clips , tie tacks, tie bars, bow ties , lapel pins , and hats.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, Italy has been a leader in the design of men's suits. Typical fabrics include lightweight flannel, a wool and mohair blend, and linen or chino cloth for hot weather.

Elsewhere in the Mediterranean , suits are considered impractical without constant air conditioning. As a result, most non-conservative businesses, regardless of size or wealth, tend to use casual clothes even in formal meetings.

Similarly, some Israeli branches of American firms tend to imitate their American counterparts' style of clothing. In 20th century China, the Communist regime encouraged citizens to wear the Mao suit due to its egalitarian and utilitarian design.

Although less common now than it once was, the Mao suit is still in widespread use in rural areas. After independence of India , there was a backlash against Western fashions due to their association with the previous colonialist regime. Instead, professional Indian men began wearing the five button Nehru suit , made from khadi to support the local textile industry. In the tropical Philippines, a former colony of the United States of America, a suit is called terno and jacket that comes with it, is called amerikana.

Because of the hot tropical climate, this formal wear is worn only when necessary, including formal, social or business events. Filipinos rarely wear a suit, and the youth would probably wear one only to a high school or college prom , in which case it might be rented. At any occasion where a suit is worn, it would also be acceptable to wear a long-sleeved or a short-sleeved barong tagalog , the national dress of the Philippines.

Because wearing a suit conveys a respectable image, many people wear suits during the job interview process. Interview suits are frequently composed of wool or wool-blend fabric, with a solid or pin stripe pattern.

In modern society, men's suits have become less common as an outfit of daily wear. During the s, driven in part by the meteoric rise of newly successful technology companies with different cultural attitudes, the prevailing management philosophy of the time moved in favour of more casual attire for employees; the aim was to encourage a sense of openness and egalitarianism.

Traditional business dress as an everyday style is generally limited to middle- and upper-level corporate management now sometimes collectively referred to as "suits" , [51] and to the professions particularly law.

Casual dress has also become common in Western academic institutions, with traditional business attire falling in popularity. For many men who do not wear suits for work, particularly in Western society, wearing a suit is reserved for special occasions, such as weddings, funerals, court appearances, and other more formal social events. Hence, because they are not a daily outfit for most men, they are often viewed as being "stuffy" and uncomfortable. The combination of a tie, belt and vest can be tight and restrictive compared to contemporary casual wear, especially when these are purchased at minimal cost and quality for rare occasions, rather than being made to be worn comfortably.

This tendency became prevalent enough that the Christian Science Monitor reported that a suit combined with a necktie and slacks was "a design that guarantees that its wearer will be uncomfortable. This was seen as a liberation from the conformity of earlier periods and occurred concurrently with the women's liberation movement. Also remarkable is that the suit now frequently appears in Rock, Heavy Metal and Gothic happenings, even though such groups were once known for a rather rebellious tradition of clothing.

Artists and bands such as Nick Cave , Marilyn Manson , Blutengel and Akercocke are known for the use of formal clothing in music videos and stage performances. The suit also appears when fans dress for styles such as Lolita, Victorian and Corporate Gothic. The buttoning of the jacket is primarily determined by the button stance , a measure of how high the buttons are in relation to the natural waist. In some now unusual styles where the buttons are placed high, the tailor would have intended the suit to be buttoned differently from the more common lower stance.

Nevertheless, some general guidelines are given here. Double-breasted suit coats are almost always kept buttoned. When there is more than one functional buttonhole as in a traditional six-on-two arrangement , only one button need be fastened; the wearer may elect to fasten only the bottom button, in order to present a longer line a style popularised by Prince George, Duke of Kent.

Single-breasted suit coats may be either fastened or unfastened. In two-button suits the bottom button is traditionally left unfastened except with certain unusual cuts of jacket, e. Legend has it that King Edward VII started the trend of leaving the bottom button of a suit as well as waistcoat undone. When fastening a three-button suit, the middle button is fastened, and the top one sometimes, but the bottom is traditionally not designed to be. Although in the past some three-button jackets were cut so that all three could be fastened without distorting the drape, this is not the case.

A four-button suit is untraditional and uncommon. The one button suit has regained some popularity it is also one of the classic styles of Savile Row tailoring. The button should always be fastened while standing. With a single-breasted suit, it is proper to have the buttons unfastened while sitting down to avoid an ugly drape. Working with neckties is very much a matter of personal taste, but in conservative terms there are some basic guidelines. Ties should always be darker than the wearer's shirt.

The background colour of the tie should not be the same as that of the shirt, while the foreground of the tie should contain the colour of the shirt and thereby "pick up" on the colour of the shirt.

Ideally, the tie should also integrate the colour of the suit in the same way. Generally, simple or subdued patterns are preferred for conservative dress, though these are terms with a wide range of interpretation. During the late s and early s, it became popular to match the necktie colour with the shirt a "monochromatic" look popularised by TV personality Regis Philbin or even wearing a lighter coloured tie with a darker shirt, usually during formal occasions.

A light blue shirt with a blue tie that is darker in its colour is also common. A Four-in-hand, Half-Windsor, or Windsor is generally the most appropriate with a suit, particularly by contemporary guidelines. Once properly knotted and arranged, the bottom of the tie can extend anywhere from the wearer's navel level, to slightly below the waistband.

The narrow end should not extend below the wide end, though this can occasionally be seen to be acceptable with thin ties. In the s, it was fashionable for men as well as women to wear scarves with a suit in a tied knot either inside a shirt as an Ascot or under the collar as would be worn like a tie. It did however make a small comeback by and some famous stars wear them.

Although some wore scarves back in the s, ties were still preferred among business workers. Bow ties have always provided an alternative to neckties, and even preceded the necktie.

Bow ties are even regarded, arguably, as more formal or dressy than neckties, especially when worn with suits. During the "powerdressing," or "dress for success" days of the s, bow ties, though in the minority, certainly had their share of the business and professional fashion market.

This included women professionals, who wore a slightly fuller version of the bow tie with the skirt suits and buttoned-up blouses popular in the business world. Bow ties, for professional men or women, typically were the same fabrics, colours, and patterns as neckties.

In the United States it is common for socks to match the trouser leg. A more general rule is for socks to be darker than the shade of the trousers, but potentially a different colour. With patterned socks, ideally the background colour of the sock should match the primary colour of the suit. If it is not possible to match the trouser leg, socks may match one's shoes. In particular, pale or even white socks might be worn with, for example, a cream linen suit with white shoes.

Socks are preferably [ citation needed ] at least mid-calf height, if not knee-height over-the-calf , and are usually made predominantly of cotton or wool, though luxury or dress socks may use more exotic blends such as silk and cashmere. Before World War II , patterned socks were common, and a variety of designs like Argyle or contrasting socks was commonly seen.

After WWII, socks became more subdued in colour. In lieu of over-the-calf length which will stay up by itself , some men still use garters to hold up their socks, but this is unusual. Suit-wearing etiquette for women generally follows the same guidelines used by men, with a few differences and more flexibility. For women, the skirt suit or dress suit are both acceptable; a blouse , which can be white or coloured, usually takes the place of a shirt. Women's suits can also be worn with coloured tops or T-shirts.

Also, women usually wear suits in professional settings, rather than as general formal attire, as men do. Women generally do not wear neckties with their suits. Fancy silk scarves that resemble a floppy ascot tie became popular in North America in the s.

By the s, women were entering the white-collar workforce in increasing numbers and their dress fashions adopted looks not dissimilar from men's business wear. By the early to mids, conservatively-tailored skirt suits were the norm, in the same colours and fabrics considered standard in men's suits.

These were typically worn with buttoned-up collared blouses, usually white or some pastel in colour. These were frequently accessorised with a version of the bow tie , usually the same fabrics, colours, and patterns as men's neckties and bow ties, but tied in a fuller bow at the collar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other types of suits, see Suit. For the musical group, see Menswear band. Dress coat " white tie " Ball gown Frock coat Full dress uniform Morning dress.

Tuxedo " black tie " Evening gown Mess dress uniform Black lounge suit. Informal undress , " dress clothes ". Cocktail dress Lounge suit Service dress uniform Pantsuit. Business casual Casual Friday Smart casual. Ceremonial dress Court diplomatic academic , etc. Religious clothing cassock , habit , etc. Folk costume Distinctions Orders medals , etc. The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

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Part of a series on. Please keep all comments on this page strictly on topic. Wondering what to wear to work beyond a business suit? Please check out our challenge with four weeks of work outfit ideas! For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support! If you are interviewing for a conservative job law, investment banking, consulting, etc. Show personality through your words, not your clothes.

What color suit should you get? What to wear beneath the suit? Check out our Guide to the Best Tops under Suits. A short-sleeved silk sweater can be great like those made by August Silk ; you can also occasionally find them at Banana Republic , Talbots , and Ann Taylor , or even a silk jersey t-shirt can be fine provided that it looks like new and is opaque enough.

While prints are acceptable, the safest way to play it safe is to go with a solid color that flatters your skin tone. Some people think a square neck is the best look of all with suits; others prefer to wear blouses beneath their suits. What accessories shoes and bags should I wear? I empty the usual contents of my purse into the tote bag and just carry the one bag. In general, note that T. Maxx and the like can be great spots to find a simple black tote bag. As for jewelry — think conservative here.

Avoid wearing bracelets that will make noise if you shake hands. There are still pros to the skirt suit anyway, though: Always, always, always do an interview mirror check: Please back away from the shorts suit.

Do I really have to wear pantyhose? In the past, readers have frowned on wearing tights for interviews — and bare legs are certainly not advisable. Separates or a set? A number of suits are sold as a set, with one price and one size for both the jacket and the bottom.

In general, suiting separates are better — you can buy multiple pieces, and in the size you need for each part. For example, there may be both a matching skirt and a pant, or sometimes even multiple jackets in different cuts. Just make sure you dry clean all of the pieces together so they wear the same. Which suiting brands are best? Suit quality differs from brand to brand , but in addition to quality it can be a matter of finding which suits fit your shape.

For example, Theory suits are loved by women with a straight figure — but they can be problematic for curvier women, who tend to prefer Ann Taylor or Tahari lines. Roughly, here are the different tiers:. Maxx , such as Kasper or Le Suit.

Ann Taylor , Banana Republic , and J. Hugo Boss also has lovely suits, also available at Saks and Nordstrom. Bennett are both drool worthy as well. Readers, which are your favorite brands for suits? Pendleton suits are wool, they are cut well and they last forever.

They sometimes produce several styles of jacket, pant and skirt in a given fabric so someone on a budget could buy several separates and have them all work together. I have especially found that their tweed wools work exceptionally well with anything I choose to put them with. I would second Pendleton. I love the quality and they come in petite sizes.

Pendleton is also a good choice if you are looking for skirts in slightly longer lengths, as they typically have several inch options whereas JCrew is mostly inches which, while it may work for some women, is sadly too short for the office for my long legs. With these in black you can wear any jacket. If you wear a separates black jacket and it doesnt match the pants. Almost all my suits are from Brooks Brothers. I started buying there after I got pregnant and discovered the glories of tailoring.

BB also makes clothes for people that are not size 6. The bad thing about BB is that they are not very trendy. The good thing about BB is that they are not very trendy so the suits last forever.

I try to jazz the suits up with the shirt. You can catch good sales there and they have a great outlet store outside of Houston. Most BB stores will do free or cheap alterations. All of my suits are either Banana or J crew. They fit me well and are fairly plain, so can last for several years.

I bought my first J. Crew Factory suit for college interviews and I love it. The stitching is good quality and the suit is fitted and timeless. I go with bare feet in summer and knee-highs in winter. No way am I ever going to wear pantyhose under pants- talk about uncomfortable. I think that it all comes down to what you feel comfortable in. Other than the bare feet, which, sometimes depending on the shoe, pants, and circumstances can look a little bit too casual plus it can gross up your shoes a bit , no one else can really tell the difference.

That way, I can easily grab those to wear under pants, and save the nice ones for skirts. I love this idea! Your solution is simple and effective. I never would have thought to do that. Usually I just toss the ones that have ripped!

I love Classiques Entier suits from Nordstrom. Some of the suits are wool, some are a poly mix. A suit that costs less but becomes worn out sooner costs more per wear than one that costs more upfront but lasts for several years. A BB suit is probably going to last 4 times as long as a CE suit.

I believe Nordstrom is doing away with this line in favor of Halogen. I also like the no-iron Foxcroft button-downs from Nordstrom. I just went shopping for a new interview suit and all they could offer me was Theory. Which is fine — Theory is definitely an acceptable option, if they work on your body.

And they had only one skirt option in only one color. I buy all my suits at J Crew. They are the only ones who do plain, plain, plain. I agree about Nordstrom. I was disappointed in the selection. That actually made me laugh out loud! Hmmm…it may depend on the store. I shop at the flagship Nordstroms in downtown Seattle and they have a ton of suits and suiting options.

It may be that the location you were at targets fewer working women? I live in Honolulu, and our Nordstrom is hopeless when it comes to suits. I was so pleased when they opened here, but now I find I still most go to S. I always try to buy a skirt, pants, a shift when available and jacket.

Does anyone have any advice for styling a khaki suit? I bought a lovely khaki pant suit from J. Crew s wool, not linen , but I cannot figure out how to style it. I would like some suggestions about this too.

I wore a camel colored suit yesterday and while I got several compliments on it, I just felt strange in it. Jewel teal is my favourite with camel. Burgundy, ivory, cobalt, kelly green, aqua, navy all work as well. Pastels like mint, rose, lemon should work too. Camel, as a neutral, goes with literally everything. It depends on the specific shade of camel as to which specific shades of other colours will be best.

A good bet is white or cream silk blouse depending on your skin tone, with red lipstick. Very fresh and stylish. I also really like camel with baby blue. I think any light, pastel colors would be great with a khaki suit, so think light pink, baby blue, mint green. I think cream or white would obviously be doable as well. Silk scarves in the same colors and light fabrics would also probably do well to put under a khaki suit.

I think dark brown might work as well, depending on the other outfit choices. I have a khaki suit. I wear it with short sleeved, light, form fitting sweaters. I have two I got years ago at Gap of all places. One is light pink and the other is a baby blue. Add pearls, brown shoes, and it looks nice. I have one light camel colored suit and one kahki suit, and I think they are among my most versatile.

You can go preppy as mentioned above by wearing with pastels. Or, one of my favorites is to wear with a simple black form fitting top and go minimalist in a chic calvin klein sort way. When I go this route, I usually wear cute brown or metallic flats. Oh, also, depending on the cut of the suit, you could go light monochromatic with a floaty ivory silk top underneath.

You can wear almost any color with a khaki suit since the suit itself is neutral. Eggplant purple looks quite rich with khaki and can also be used with black and gray suits. I bought their eggplant colored one to go with my khaki work pants and I wear it allll the time.

Oh, I would love to own a khaki- or camel-colored suit one day! A smaller plus designer I like who sometimes does suiting is Darren Trentacosta. Can you speak to that? Thank you for posting about larger sizes. I am in need of some new work clothing, and have been at a loss.

I bought one recently, as have several of my newly minted attorney friends. It might just be their current line or the fabric they are using, but we all have holes in the back of the skirt. Now there are new holes. Horrifying, considering the money spent.

For the cut I agree they are beautiful and hands down the gold standard. But yours truly, along with about four friends, are not at all impressed with the quality. Update to this — I bought the skirt over a year ago at Bloomingdales. The first time the holes appeared, I took it to the tailor.

The second time, when I took it back to the tailor, she told me I should try to take it back. I took it to Bloomies yesterday, without the receipt, and they gave me a brand new skirt with no questions asked. I LOVE that place. I also had issues with Theory stuff—looked great, but wrinkled immediately and the dye of the jacket bled onto my white silk blouse.

They took it back, but I think there are issues with the quality with theory. I am in the market for a new suit now.

It finally gave up the ghost. I really like extended-tab pants … does anyone know where I can find them? I like the extended tab because the regular one has a tendency to twist and poke out during the day, even if it fits fine. Several of my Talbots suit pants have the extended-tab on them. I think Jones New York does some too. Crew is my favorite go-to suit.

I always buy the slacks, skirt, and jacket so I can get the most out of the suit. I would LOVE to not have to tailor all of my slacks! Have you tried Talbots? I second the recommendation for Elie Tahari, and would add Lafeyette as well. Both are in the priciest category, but can often be found discounted at Bloomingdales or Nordstrom.

I live in NYC and am having trouble finding good suiting for my non-petite small frame. Will try Macys tonight. Kat, can you include at least a few plus size options in your where to shop recommendations on these style guide posts? My favorite for plus size suiting is Talbots. Especially their Womans Petites. Plus they sometimes have some pretty amazing sales if you hit them at the right moment.

I need a womens petite on top and a regular womens on the bottom. My one caution is that their unlined suits do not hold up. I still will buy them, but only at deep discounts. Just want to say. For many corporations, where one is not a lawyer, a skirt suit would actually scare employers off.

In some companies and industries, tech in particular, a skirted suit for an interview is too formal, and therefore outside the culture. I have to agree, and add into that geographic area. In my city women only wear skirt suits for formal charity luncheons or dinners, or to very dressy weddings, and then the suits are the kind of thing Corporetters have said are not office-appropriate — bright colors, tweed or boucle fabric, feminine detailing, etc.

The only women you routinely see in navy, black or gray skirt suits are religious missionaries. They have pants curvy, modern, and signature styles , jacket, and pencil skirt, and occasionally a sheath.

I am a 1L, and just had to buy a new suit for interviews. Law school has, sadly, led to some weight gain and I refused to squeeze myself into a slightly too small suit! It is charcoal grey, single button, very plain but cut really nicely. It can be a challenge to find suits that are flattering to my figure without being either too boxy or too sexy-looking.

This one hit just the right chord, and since it was separates, I was able to go with a 10 on the bottom and an 8 up top and avoid tailoring. I have gotten multiple compliments, both from the people in my career services office and my colleagues.

I even had an interviewer mention that they liked it. Hey, thanks for posting that! I too am 5. My main problem is to get the suit to be long enough to cover half my heel! I hate pants that look too short and I like wearing inch heels. Skip the inch heals in the interview and thereafter professionally unless you want to be mistaken for a secretary. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

I once had a partner nix an otherwise-stellar candidate because she wore a red suit to interview, too. They are nicely tailored, well-made, comfortable, and last a long time. I bought a gorgeous dress from the store in Ottawa.

After we find it:

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