Mygofer and Kmart, a new kind of retailer?

H&M Festival Mall Alabang Opens on November 27! H&M, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) adds more stores to its line-up as it opens another branch in the southern part of Metro Manila, in Festival Mall, Alabang on November

Shoppers were said to be limited to buy only two of each item to prevent shoppers from clearing out the store's selection.

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FASHION retailer H&M has pulled faux feather headdresses from its stores across Canada after receiving complaints the accessories are offensive to indigenous people. H&M spokeswoman Emily.
Jean-paul, the store manager at an h&m outlet, was speaking with patty, his new assistant manager, about the store's system of job relationships; he also explained whom she will report to and who will report to her. jean-paul said,
H&M - La Jolla, CA Utilize established H&M policies and procedures to assist in loss prevention and safety for the store and partner with store management as needed.
H&M Festival Mall Alabang Opens on November 27! H&M, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) adds more stores to its line-up as it opens another branch in the southern part of Metro Manila, in Festival Mall, Alabang on November

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It’s not peak holiday shopping season in the U.S. yet, but Swedish “fast fashion” retailer H&M is battling wrap-around-the-block lines in retail locations across the country.

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Sustainable fashion attracts considerable attention from scholars and industrialists in the area of textile and supply chain management [ 19 ]. Sustainable fashion supply chain includes eco-material preparation, sustainable manufacturing, green distribution, green retailing, and ethical consumers [ 10 ]. An effective sustainable fashion supply chain helps companies to enhance brand image and reach a wider range of ethical consumers [ 20 ].

As a result, for firms, being sustainable is a way to promote their responsibility to society and environment so as to gain the competitive advantage in the market [ 21 ]. For consumers, purchasing sustainable fashion as human psychological needs is a way to express their attitudes of equality and sustainability [ 22 ]. A sustainable fashion product is made in an environmental and social friendly manner along supply chain, which includes raw material production, manufacturing, distribution, and retailing.

First, eco-material production is the fundamental part in sustainable fashion supply chain. Sustainable fashion products are often made by organic fabrics, which are produced by less water and harmful chemicals [ 8 ].

In addition, reuse and recycling of materials, such as old clothes, manufacturing scraps and bottles also can be the material of sustainable fashion [ 25 ]. Recycling is very popular in the fashion industry [ 26 ]. In the USA, biological agricultural systems are widely adopted in cotton production [ 28 ].

Sustainable manufacturing is related with human right and environmental protection. Dickson [ 29 ] reveals that consumers are now increasingly concerned about the social consequences of their purchases in relation to human rights violations in apparel manufacturing. In recent years, garment factories in Bangladesh frequently were fire hazards, with serious consequence, due to poor conditions in facilities and less training of workers [ 30 ]. The disaster of the Rana Plaza building on 24 April , might change the behavior of apparel sourcing companies regarding building and fire safety for sustainable manufacturing.

However, in fact, the fashion industry also incurs many kinds of negative impacts on environment in all stages of garment manufacturing [ 8 ]. Concern for the environmental impact of apparel manufacturing is important, as the Earth is not able to support the current level of production and disposal of apparel due to depletion of natural resources and quick filling of landfills [ 31 ]. More seriously, complicated fashion items, such as shoes and winter jackets, may not be recycled or biodegradable, in other words, once they are thrown away they would be in landfill for hundreds of years [ 8 ].

Many fashion firms have differentiated their products and strengthened their brand image by adopting sustainable practices, such as ISO standard, in their supply chain [ 32 ]. Verifying the certification of ISO implies firms have established their environmental-related operations and work flows in their manufacturing processes [ 33 , 34 , 35 , 36 ]. Sustainability is also considered in the distribution phrase.

Distributing fashion products is complex and dynamic, as fashion is stylish and perishable with a short life cycle. Nagurney and Yu [ 3 ] develop a novel model to capture manufacturing, transportation, and shortage in fashion supply chain with consideration of reducing the emission. Their results reveal that the supply chain performance is influenced by adopting environmental pollution-abatement technologies in distribution.

Lead time is the key of quick response strategy in a fast fashion. Quick response requires a short lead time, which implies that the firms should choose an efficient transportation mode.

It is, hence, crucial for a fast fashion to consider carbon emission issues in terms of its feature of a quick response. However, it is inevitable that transportation incurs carbon emission, associated with the fashion and apparel industry, especially given its global dimensions in terms of both manufacturing plant locations and demand markets [ 33 ]. Choi [ 37 ] develops an analytical model to discuss how a properly designed carbon footprint taxation scheme can be implemented in a fashion quick response system to enhance environmental sustainability.

His findings imply that sourcing locally might be more desirable for fast fashion retailers under carbon footprint taxation scheme. Green retailing is beyond the link between green products and marketing. It is important to pay attention to clustering user experience and rethinking value creation [ 38 ]. Innovation of sustainable fashion product should be targeted to ethical consumer markets.

In recent years, consumers have an increasing awareness of sustainability. The concept of sustainability is important in marketing and branding, since it can strengthen customer interest and loyalty [ 39 , 40 ].

A great deal of existing literature has shown that consumers are willing to purchase eco-fashion products if green marketing is successful [ 5 , 7 , 41 ]. In addition, in green retailing, ethical practices, such as offering recycling service and recyclable product in stores, can enhance fashion consumer awareness of sustainability [ 7 ].

In other words, more transparent information sharing towards sustainability in supply chain is more desirable for consumers. Beard [ 43 ] suggests that releasing sustainable information of a new collection on the Internet is useful for promoting eco-fashion brands.

Fraj and Martinez [ 44 ] claim that consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing eco-fashion, but they lack of corresponding information, as a result, providing the sufficient information in terms of eco-material, sustainable manufacturing, green distribution, and green retailing, help eco-products to be promoted better among consumers. In the previous section, the literature of the sustainable fashion supply chain is widely discussed.

Case study is a well-established research method in business studies. A case study of a supply chain offers the opportunity to look at its complex links and underlying implications [ 45 , 46 ]. This method of data collection in a case study can help to enhance the reliability of the findings [ 47 ]. Cotton, as a renewable resource, is the main material for apparel production.

However, chemicals and pesticides are largely used in the traditional ways to grow cotton. For example in U. Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which could reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The advantages of using these recycled materials include saving energy and water, as well as lowering the greenhouse gap emission. Apparel manufacturing often takes place in countries with low labor costs. However, in those countries, the awareness of environment and human rights are often less developed. However, fire safety is significantly potential hazard for Bangladesh garment factories [ 49 ]. Consistent with the strategy of locally sourcing in Asia and Europe, China and Turkey are the main countries for its manufacturing, with suppliers and suppliers, respectively.

Local sourcing reduces the lead time, which benefits in matching supply and demand and adopting a quick response strategy. What is more, local sourcing reduces the amount of product leftovers and carbon emission in the process of production and distribution.

As a result, this strategy, not only can ensure a timely inventory supply in response to quick market demand changes, but also reduce unnecessary production and carbon emission.

Producing carbon emission is inevitable in distribution. However, the question is how to design a more efficient transportation system, and minimize the amount of carbon emission in distribution.

Ferry and train are relatively clean modes in transportation [ 8 ]. In return, amount of carbon dioxide decreases over tons a year. In addition, when garments are transported from distribution centers to retail stores, transport boxes are always reusable.

By offering rewards, less ethical consumers are encouraged to return the old apparel products. In , customers brought in tons of used clothing, such as new jeans made of recycled fibers [ 15 ].

The returned items are handled by I: Collect, a global commercial company specializing in textile recycling. Collect guarantees that all collected used apparel and textiles will be optimally recycled according to their condition. Moreover, the company adopts an up-cycling process, in which some textiles and fabrics are reprocessed and used to create commercial products. In data analysis, we mainly focus on major supplier countries in which there are more than 10 suppliers.

This is consistent with the current practices of apparel sourcing in countries such as Bangladesh, India and China, where the degrees of human wellbeing countries are relatively low [ 51 , 52 ]. The result of No. All of Germany, France, and the UK are relatively high in human wellbeing. After running the linear regression model, we find that there is no statistically significant relationship between SSI and financial performance of directly owned stores in financial performance of direct own stores refers to sales, the number of stores and sales per store in a specific country , except in sales per store regarding human wellbeing.

This finding provides lessons for supply chain managers that, in higher human wellbeing countries, preparing a higher inventory level in a store might be more desirable due to potentially high sales per store [ 53 , 54 , 55 ].

Net sales are shown by million SEK. Recall that shopping from online stores is sustainable because of saving public energy and resources [ 43 ]. Launching online stores is beneficial to the green retailing, which could cluster user experience and create the business values [ 56 , 57 , 58 , 59 ].

As shown in Table 4 , those ten countries are all ranked relatively high in the context of human and economic wellbeing except the USA and relatively mild in the context of environmental wellbeing.

Consumers awareness of sustainability, regarding environmental pollution, is increasing. As a way to promote sustainability, developing a sustainable supply chain is an important strategy for many fashion companies.

Although literature review and case studies help the industrialists to better develop a sustainable fashion supply chain, there are several limitations in this paper. First, this paper selects only four major topics regarding a sustainable fashion supply chain, which may not be exhaustive. For future research, more details in a sustainable fashion supply chain should be explored.

However, a fashion supply chain is complex and dynamic. One company cannot represent the whole of the fashion supply chain. For future research, the topic of a sustainable fashion supply chain should receive prolonged attention. The author would like to thank an editor and three anonymous referees for their constructive comments and suggestions on earlier versions of this paper.

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