18 Ways to Pair Boots With Skirts

When wearing boots is it better for the tights to match the boots or skirt colour? Or just wear skin coloured pantyhose. Pantyhose and tights are a necessity for me.

Follow Gurl, pretty please! Try a fun patterned top to offset the monochromatic bottom! Just skip short shirts and make sure your bum is covered. That is one reason I prefer to wear skirts and dresses that hit the knees. But then again, it might be nice.

The Dos and Don'ts of Boots. By. Opt for leggings or opaque tights instead (under a long tunic or dress). If she'd paired her basic black boots with opaque tights and a simple sheath.
The Chicest Ways to Wear Tights. When it's 10 degrees outside, but spring skirts are calling your name, it's time for a lesson in tights.
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20 Style Tips On How To Wear Leggings

A-Line Skirts + Knee-High Boots No matter the skirt length, an A-line silhouette always looks good with slim, knee-high boots. This denim and suede combo is a subtle way to evoke the '70s trend.

I have a grey jumper like dress and then a grey cardigan and I wear it with yellow opaque tights and a scarf in the same yellow[ochre]. I am not very good with opaque coloured tights. I bought 3 colours this season but have not worn them yet. In the past I wore red tartan tights with a black dress. That was fun, but I threw them out this year. Not my thing anymore.

I agree with your suggestion Sylvia, to go for a black dot on black tights. Not a white dot on black tights. But then again, it might be nice. I really always wear hold-ups you know, those stockings with a rubber band at the top. Much more comfortable and much more elegant. Unfortunately there is not much choice in hold-ups. I have plain black opaque hold-ups and found out that they are much nicer than sheer stockings when there is a bit of leg showing between boots and skirt. If I wear shoes, I wear sheer hold-ups.

It might just be a habit. I always thought my legs would look nicer with vaguely black or really thin see-through nude stockings. But perhaps that is just habit. Really thin tights really show off your legs and very often look very good. Opaque tights are warmer and can often create a hipper look.

You can play with colours as well, which is fun. I must own between 50 to pairs of tights and maillots. Some sheer in black or color, but most are opaque in every color of the rainbow. Further, some fishnets in black, red, purple, glitter, etc. And opaque tights with patterns, prints and with a lace pattern. I find them very handy, with skirts and dresses from all lengths and with pumps and boots alike.

I wore opaque tights the other day and my husband said it reminded him of when we were dating. Thank you for the suggestions. I would choose tights in the same colour as your skirt or dress. Then also match with the same colour boots. This will have an elongating and slimming effect.

If done right, that can look good. I danced for 15yrs and from classes to performances, at some point tights were a requirement. I did leave the studio wearing athletic shorts over my tights once in a while, and no one batted an eyelid; could be the city life, who knows? I was surprised, but quite pleased, to read your favorable comment about men wearing tights with shorts. Could you give me the benefit of any thoughts you may have about this topic? Is there any way to minimize the appearance of being in bad taste?

Hose or tights with open toes are just a big fashion no-no, but living in a warm climate, we really need another option as we age other than bare legs. Footless tights had a short run, and What Not To Wear said that nude fishnets could also be worn with open toes. In general your lower legs still look very nice when getting older.

That is one reason I prefer to wear skirts and dresses that hit the knees. I agree with everything here. Except the no socks with tights.

I do wear socks and tights together. I absolutely adore the look. And it keeps my toes which are always cold warm. I also like tights with sandals. Just not on me. Hi Daenel, yes this looks has become trendier also lately and when done right can still look good. The greatest tights for us in the colder climates are the fleece lined tights. Sylvia, it said that the Duchess brought back the acceptance of nude tights. Have any of the fashion sites embraced that yet?

I so miss wearing hose with dresses in the Summer. LOL What are your thoughts on the nude tights as far as current trends go? I think nude tights are great so long as they are very sheer. I actually often prefer the look to darker tights like black as I feel bare legs with or without tights brighten up a black look. I love love love wearing tights! At times I wish I had suspenders to help hold my tights up!

I tried that, Diane— suspenders! I pinned them to the high-waist panty tights I have. It sort of works, and I have done this a few times, but I find that the little bit of loose skin I have in my rib cage just pushes up under the bra where the high waist leaves off!!!

I am in your age group, and I really thing we can just need to have a little humor about it and just throw away our skin-tight tops. How does one wear opaque footless tights? Can footless tights be worn with sandals or flats? Thanks for your advice! To me those fall in the same category as leggings really. I would much prefer to see a skirt or dress with normal opaque tights.

I love wearing opaque tights during the winter months, I have them in many colors. They really do keep you warm especially if your wearing a dress or skirt.. I buy skirts from charity shops. So I pay a lot less for skirts of much better quality. Look for your local charity shops and have a look around.

I absolutely love wearing tights also and for some reason it makes me feel much more complete and dressed. I think they look good and sophosticated on women of all ages and I also think that men find them sexier also! My dilemma always though is whether to wear sheer nude with a black dress and heals or should it always be barely black?

Love to hear what others think. I like the look of sheer nudes with black, especially when arms are bare too. But a sheer barely black is fabulous too.

It just depends on the rest of the outfit and your mood. Thank you Sylvia, I think you have confirmed it is ok to wear nude with a black skirt or dress.

When I do go for nearly black tights though it is as you say going with mood and occasion, I just wonder what you think about a lighter colour of court heel? I love the new trend for nude heels but I always wonder if they look right with barely black tights?

I personally would not wear nude with barely black and would prefer those with nude tights or bare legs. I have a very cute shirt dress that is wine colored with cream plaid.

Is this something that can look good or is it best left alone? Thanks for you comments. Booties are very much on trend now, so wine colored booties would be fab. A shirt dress could also look good with brogues or you could wear pumps for a dressier option. For the latter wine tights may be better. I love wearing tights and wear them everyday in fall n winter.

This look works best with skinny jeans. Straight-legged or wider-legged jeans shorten your leg line when rolled. When wearing jeans with booties, an exposed ankle is key to keeping your ankles looking as slim as possible.

One of the ways to create this gap between the jeans and boots is a cuffed hem. Try this look with a longer pair of skinny jeans, rather than an ankle length pair. A larger cuff inches tall is more flattering. One of my favorite looks when pairing jeans with booties is the half cuff. But layered over leggings makes for a cute wintery look.

Go for a neutral-colored sock to avoid drawing too much attention down there. Shorter socks as opposed to knee-length socks are easier to pull of as well. There is less to bunch, and therefore less bulk. A monochromatic look is a great way to wear those taller ankle boots. But a pair of black tights and a black pencil skirt creates a sleek long black line that makes it so the height of the boot is irrelevant. Try a fun patterned top to offset the monochromatic bottom!

Try brown tights with brown boots, gray with gray, or mustard with your light brown boots! Although the previous look shows tights, this look shows colorful tights, which are a great way to incorporate some color into your outfit. Like I mentioned before, socks are super trendy this year. And although I tend to have a hard time pulling off the look, I have to admit that they look so cool on other people. If your skin is light and your socks are dark, they will cut off the line of your leg and create weird proportions.

When wearing socks with bare legs, keep your skirt or dress hemline above the knee. Anything longer will also cut off the line of the leg and make your legs look short. Pairing booties with a dress is a fun and non-obvious choice.

Peplum Mini + Riding-Style Boots: Mini skirts in the fall? It’s more than doable when you rock a colorful peplum mini ($) with unmistakably fall pieces, like these over-the-knee riding-style boots ($50) and punchy patterned tights. Find black skirt tights boots at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of black skirt tights boots from the most popular stores - all in one place. The length of the skirt and the height of the boots can make or break your look. We’ve all stood in front of our mirrors in a new outfit asking, “Does this really work?” Case in point: wearing boots with skirts or dresses. A boot is a seemingly easy combination, but depending on the skirt.