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Navy blue pants look really good with white or stone; think the

There is a thread about dressing down a blazer, it is informative and interesting.

Polo Shirts & Blazers. If you prefer to wear your navy blue blazer in a casual setting – you are in luck. A high-quality polo shirt worn under a navy blue blazer is an excellent option when not required to .
Jun 10,  · Generally, unless I am wearing a cream or very light colored summer jacket, I prefer the jacket to be darker than the trousers. With a blazer and greys, the pants I'd wear would be medium grey trousers which are lighter than the blazer.
Traditionally, a blazer was a navy blue single-breasted tailored jacket of worsted wool with metal (typically brass) buttons. Today,
As for rules which shade of pants, that depends on a few things (how dark is your blue jacket, your personal preference in colors, etc.) but one rule of thumb is, if you’re tall, you can go with a high contrast combination, like a navy blue jacket and light gray pants.
-Never wear clashing navy pants with your navy blazer. If you're going to wear navy pants, make sure they are the same brand and color as your jacket. gray, brown, or even light blue trousers.
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Blazer Color 1: Navy Windowpane And White Pant

A navy blazer lends an air of responsibility to your wardrobe. You can reserve it for only your most serious fashion needs, such as a big interview or a major work presentation, or you can jazz it up a bit and step outside of the style box. Pants in a variety of colors work well with a navy blazer, complementing the rich blue hue.

Problem, of course, is that jeans are inherently casual, tie inherently dressy--they're on the opposite ends of the spectrum so it can easily look incoherent. But I personally think if you can bring those two ends closer together, it can work. Silk tie and suit jacket, as seen in the pic, definitely not.

But like a knit tie, buttondown shirt, and cotton blazer with soft shoulders? Not the worst thing in the world, I don't think. The tie sucks in general, but especially with the look.

Reminds me of express. Everything else is great. I thought Glenn Howerton from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia sported it pretty nicely in this episode pictured on the right here. Jeans and blazer are pretty common in Europe and I don't think they clash that much. But applies here doesn't necessarily apply in the US. Thanks for the writeup. Although our styles are different, I was hoping for a bit of advice if you are willing to jump out of your comfort zone for a second.

I am a denim guy at the moment currently breaking in my first pair of raw, which I'm wearing every day. I live in Florida, so looking for things to wear when it gets Florida chilly which is not very chilly You say charcoal may not work well with denim, but was wondering what you thought of a blazer like this with denim? Sorry, the picture of the blazer doesn't show for me - no idea why not. Those are nice looking jeans. Maybe a direct link to the picture will work.

I see it now, thanks! My opinion is that it wouldn't look good over denim, especially dark denim. It's more rock-star than anything, and I wear it as such. But with my pierced ears and medium-length hair, I think it works.

I might look pretentious, but c'mon, a rock star does look pretentious! I've done it in my past here. What's the difference between flannel trousers and the regular wool trousers that came with my suit?

When I think if flannel, I think of Seattle grunge. Although when most people especially those without much knowledge of classic clothes say "flannel" they mean as you say, cotton flannel, usually with a plaid pattern. In this instance I'm talking about solid gray wool flannel.

The nice thing about it is that the softness and especially texture of the flannel wool sets it apart from whatever's up top. They're probably one of the best choices for semi-formal trousers in the winter they can be quite warm. The difference between them and your wool suit pants, is that likely your suit is a worsted wool rather than flannel. Worsted wool has a smooth outer surface, unlike the soft texture of flannel. I just got this and think it would go really well with some gray flannel or wool trousers.

Now I just need to find me some! I am a fan of two things not covered by this list, and figure I should bring them up specifically fabrics. I love my tan camelhair sport coat. I can pair it with jeans and a polo for more casual outings, or a button-up, tie and navy slacks for the office. I think of it as an inversion of the classic, and more common, navy jacket with tan slacks. Plus, it's the only big-name designer brand piece of clothing I own Burberry.

I also enjoy my dark brown corduroy sport coat from Old Navy. I worked there for a few years in high school, and was able to pick up a few great pieces as a result. The jacket is actually fairly durable, features surgeon's cuffs, and is fairly versatile.

Plus, since I am a more bulky guy, the lack of padding in the shoulders helps me slim down my look a little bit. Does anyone have any thoughts on how age comes into this? I'm a 23 year old and i think i'd look quite out of place if i showed up with a blazer for coffee. I think you'd be fine at 23 in a casual sport coat to a stranger. Now if you never dress like that people who know you may find it odd but that says nothing about the look just that it's out of character for you.

Since i started working a real job 5 months ago i've been able to afford nicer clothes and people have noticed a change in style. It's not that i've actually changed personally, i can just afford new clothes. Hell my last 2 years of college i think i bought 2 t-shirts and 1 sweater and thats it.

I've probably spent more money on clothes in the last 5 months than i have my whole time in college! That's partly because i needed a whole business casual wardrobe and that shit's not cheap. Slowly integrate formality into your wardrobe. I started out with polos and normal button down shirts and jeans, then went sweaters over button down shirts and sometimes chinos, then every once in a while I'll wear a jacket to the office.

Sometimes later I'll wear it while in the office, too. It helps people adjust. I currently work for an IT company and we're all IT or web developers. In fact 'the suits' are the nickname for people that come from DC as they're the only ones in suits. That's one of the more annoying things about entering your mids and deciding to dress better.

All your friends who are still wearing tshirts and jeans and flipflops will comment on your clothes every time they see you for a long time. And it's usually not "you look great" but "what are you so dressed up for? I'm 20 and thinking of getting some more blazers into my wardrobe, but mostly for the summers when I'm in NYC.

I think it's a matter of confidence and what kind of stuff you are doing. I'll be mostly going to restaurants, events, dates, etc. Because I'm 20 and in the city, dating is a bit tricky and I generally lean towards older women just by a few years, It's not like I'm milf hunting. Please get a milf hunting sports coat. I was going to do a search for milf hunting accessories but that's a terrible idea while i'm at work. Just wear it and you'll be more comfortable and feel more in place.

People will get used to it too. This is true for light-skinned, light-haired people. But for those of us with brown or darker skin and black hair, black clothing actually goes quite well as it highlights those features and doesn't wash out our skin tone. Black trousers and shoes with a black shirt with a charcoal jacket can be a very somber but still nice outfit, suitable for a nice dinner out or at a friend's house.

Suitable for a club maybe Show pics of it being pulled off and I'll be amazed. I'd send pics of myself, but I am not in any decent shape. If I come across something, I'll send it your way. Thanks for the great guide, Syeknom. I'm building the dressier side of my wardrobe, so I'm trying to pick up the most essential items first The next two dressy pieces I plan to purchase are this navy suit and this sportcoat in the effort to build some range colorwise.

Is this the right way to think about it? Or, were you to buy one more suit and one more jacket in the next year, is it better to start with the essential blue blazer? There is a good chance I'm overthinking this. The question is best answered by taking a look at your life and circumstances. What needs do you have for a suit? Do you require them for work? Do you want one or two around for interviews? Do you go to weddings?

Buying a suit simply through the virtue of it being dressy is not necessarily the way forward. However, having one good suit in your wardrobe is a great idea just for those few occasions when they are necessary - it's no fun scrabbling at the last minute to find something to wear to an important job interview, and your red suit won't quite cut it there!

Solid navy is a great choice for a first suit and Suit Supply is definitely one the best options in the lower price brackets. Their Sienna model is very interesting: High button stance, soft sloping shoulders, ticket pocket and a more delicate S's wool all give it a very distinctive look and edge. Personally I think the Siennas are at their best for events rather than office-wear but it's not a bad option in any case. Certainly professional enough for most job interviews, and if you're young and slender it'll work well.

The Ludlow sports coat is in much the same vein - trendy and designed for young, svelte people. Here the lapels are razor thin, the cut-away of the jacket aggressive and the waist slim.

Brown tweed is a great choice for a first sports jacket and it'll serve you well. I wouldn't overthink things with your jacket purchases - there's no need to own a navy blazer I don't actually. Their virtue is their versatility: Thanks so much for such a detailed response! The suit is actually medium grey, the line is just named "Alfani Red.

Again, thanks for giving your opinion on the appropriate occasions for each piece. I think that a lot of the time that premeditated idea doesn't make it from merchandise planning all the way to the website copy. Can I have you guys' opinion on wearing T-shirts under a blazer?

That's what I usually do. You have to go one way or the other on this one. Thanks for your time and advice but I'm wondering is this just a personal opinion of you? So I'm wondering if it really looks that bad. Yes, it's an opinion that I personally hold, and an opinion shared by many others here as well. That said, you can do it, as it's college and the standards for looking good are very low, but would you wear that look as an adult out to the bar? I don't think you would, as it just isn't a very fashionable look.

You can be fashionable without wearing a blazer, and the look will be more congruous because you aren't trying to "dress down" an inherently dressier item. It depends on where you're from. On the east coast it's laughed at, but it may well be at home in LA. Although many consider it a "bad" look, I personally don't. A solid colour v-neck white for an example doesn't necessarily look bad. Here are a couple of examples 1 , 2.

It is more of a summer look and athletic body structure is preferred. Another casual look could be achieved with a henley underneath. There is a thread about dressing down a blazer, it is informative and interesting. Do not take all advices here to heart, people tend to have different tastes, likes and personalities. Should I really only wear solid color shirts - of which I own black or white?

Can I wear stripes? I'd skip the black shirt. Stripes are okay but with jeans your shirt fabric should be more casual.

Oxford, poplin, or chambray for instance. That's as much so, or more important than color. And brown shoes are a yes. This came at a perfect time. I'm looking for something to get for my dad, who isn't particularly stylish. I think he has all the basics, but I'd like to try something that could bring it all together. He's short 5'6, I think and not really in shape, but if I wanted to get him something along these lines I think something like 8 in the olives or 13 in the browns , does anyone have any suggestions for where I could find one for a decent price?

Is no one else weirded out by the combination of cargo pants and a blazer? Are cargo pants somehow back in style? Thank you for this. Come on man, tweed with navy! It's not some great crime against fashion to wear them, they just combine with things worse than other colours and look less good. I integrated the ideas here into a Pinterest board I'm building. It's a bit helpful I think to see everything side by side. This guide just gave me about 20 more combinations I would have never thought of in my current closet.

And yeah, I need to buy some grey flannel trousers. Most importantly, pants are to tight, I dont want to see his package clearly though his pants. The upper half is just a little to matchy for me with tie matching the jacket and the shirt matching the pants. The peak fold on the pocket square just puts it over the top into anoying try-hard menswear stupidness.

That said, the shade of pants and the navy jacket look great together, but the outfit as a whole does not. This, and I also really hate the no-visible-socks thing that MFA seems to love lately. The fit, especially in regard to the short length of the pants, would look out-of-place in a lot of areas.

The color scheme on the other hand, which is what Synknom was attempting to illustrate, looks fine to me. It's a bit fashion-forward because of the green pants and tassel loafers, and a look like this is obviously not for everyone. But I do think it works and looks pretty good on him because fit and proportions are perfect, allowing him room to play around with expectations - in this case subbing in the green pants instead of grey or khaki to give a very different feel to the outfit than normal.

The tassel loafers serve to take it even one step further away from what's expected, while still feeling congruous in formality to the top half, sort of tying everything together.

Feel free to disagree, but please don't come into threads and say "this shit does not look good" without explaining why. That isn't useful or interesting. If you have some greater wisdom on this matter, please share it with us - or feel free to keep your opinions to yourself if you don't feel like explaining or at least expressing them politely.

I wasn't trying to be helpful. I was trying to be critical, and instill some doubt in OP's credibility. I don't think I could have been more clear with my opinion that the man was poorly dressed. You erase your own credibility entirely with this approach, and the downvotes mean that nobody will see or care about your comment anyway, rendering your intent moot. I was trying to be helpful to you despite that, to invite you to make positive contributions, and you downvoted me.

I wouldn't normally continue arguing with internet assholes past this point, but fuck you for using "gay" as an insult. What's funny to me is that nothing I've said to you is bitter or gay in any sense. So, great comeback I guess. I looked through some of your comment history and you clearly are bitter. I can't help you there but I will tell you that being an asshole on the internet including posting comments such as the ones you have posted in MFA isn't going to help.

I never said being gay was bad, you simply sound like a bitter, gay man. That's how I imagine you in my head. You must be projecting your own feelings on my words.

It's also obvious that the reason you commented was because your pride was wounded, and you feel the need to "win" our little internet tussle. My god, you dug through my comment history to try and find something compromising.

I know him from countless credible posts. And while style is subjective and this look is a bit contrived, it's ultimately a successful color combination. Any details on that Navy blazer with white pants on the boat? Any recommendations as far as green jackets go? I love the look in the first picture in the album, but you're right when you say something like that is a bitch to find.

Anyone who could point me to something like that would be greatly appreciated. Suit Supply have a really excellent one in store at the moment that the picture on the website fails to capture at all. In person it's a much richer yet not too saturated green. Very casual fit and rough fabric. Oliver Spencer has this wonderful one too.

Thanks for the guide! I have a light blue blazer by j crew, pretty much grey with a slight sky blue tint, but I have yet find a pair of slacks I really like it with.

It's informal, almost denim texture and looks great with dark jeans. Top coats like a peacoat are gonna be different. Remember, it's going over a jacket or sweater or whatever. A little, but it strongly depends on the shade and isn't a "safe" bet. If the olive is too light the outfit will look dominated by the blazer. If it's too strong it might look a bit cartoon-y. Navy also goes well with nantucket reds. Although using that kind of color separation takes skill to pull off, and usually appeals more to preps.

Some of the trousers in the pictures look a bit overly tight indeed, but that wasn't really the point of the albums - it's merely illustrative of colour combinations. It's not for everyone so I'm not going to force you to wear this kind of stuff, but dismissing it and making those kind of claims is ridiculous and simply untrue. I will probably get endlessly down voted for saying this, but a lot of these men look like a bunch of fruitloops to me in these outfits.

Sorry that's what's being called "men's" fashion these days. To me men's fashion should be simple and effortless. A lot of these looks make it seem like the person is trying too hard. We paired the Hudson Navy Windowpane Custom Blazer with caramel toned chinos when we photographed it but this jacket would also work with darker brown slacks, as would other lighter blues.

Brown is neutral enough to go with lots of colors. The black blazer is the misfit in this outfit. For one, the combination of dark navy pants and a black jacket provides no contrast. And a black blazer with brown shoes is a mismatch. That will give you the contrast you need to bring this look to life.

For inspiration, take a look at our page of blazers. I have a navy blue suit, is it possible to use the jacket from that to go with the first look on here? You can use a navy blue jacket to recreate the first look above. In fact, we did it for you when we shot our Navy Blue Custom Blazer with the same pants. As for the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket.

There was a time when blazers were distinctly different from suit jackets but these days the two branches have, for the most part, grown back together and suit jackets are commonly worn separate from their matching pants. I have a butter colour with black label and light ash pant and lailac shirt. Can I combine these? Confidence, on the other hand, goes with everything. I have black, grey, light grey, and tan pants for work am adding a white shirt and various ties.

I need a sport coat to pretty much go with all of it. What recommendations do you have? But the answer is looking back at you in the mirror. Use your own coloring your skin tone, hair color, eyes, etc. With a neutral colored item like a cream blazer, you can wear just about any other color you want with it. But there is hope. The answers you seek are looking back at you in the mirror. Understanding what colors and combinations work for you is easy. It starts with understanding your own coloring and contrast.

My husband age 72 will be attending an afternoon wedding….. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! The trick to putting together an outfit is less about making sure the clothes match each other and more about making sure they match the man. They will echo his hair color and tie everything together. Plus, with a burgundy jacket these will let the color of the jacket be the centerpiece of the look.

For a shirt and tie we usually suggest echoing your eye color. Finally, with any of these looks, we recommend cordovan or oxblood shoes as a way to keep the whole look cohesive from top to bottom but brown or even black shoes will also work. I have a university dinner tomorrow night. I have decided to wear a black blazer with a light blue dress shirt and off white trousers.

I am still confused whether should I go with the off white trouser or not. Black and white go together, well, like black and white. Things can get tricky once another color is thrown into the mix though.

How about keeping this a two-toned outfit? If you have a white dress shirt which we think you should , you should pair that with your black blazer and off-white trousers. Then we say yes to the off-white trousers! Black and white are neutral. Or you could not add any colors and simply go with shades of gray for the jacket and tie for a monochromatic look.

Instead, focus on matching your clothes to you. You just need to look in the mirror. The key is to look at your own coloring and the contrast between your hair and skin tone. We call it dressing from the inside out and we wrote a whole article about how to do it. Check it out here: I have maroon pants with a little white check on it.

And i have a black coat with it. Can you please guide me with shirt and tie combination which will go perfect with it. Without any idea what you look like we can only offer recommendations that go together with your clothes. Go with a white shirt and a tie that incorporates dark red and black, like this one.

The answer to what looks good on you is not going to be in the comments section of any website but it will be there every time you look in the mirror. When choosing color combinations, making sure your clothes match you is many times more important than trying to match clothes to other clothes.

Woah, a shiny silver blazer? We imagine you have exciting places and events to wear this to. Just purchased a light lavender sports coat , wanted to wear jeans but am unsure Jean color as well as shoes and shirt , thinking white shirt with baby blue accents already in my closet and darker blue jeans but not quite indigo as suggested, brown shoes.

Have a little more faith in your outfit building skills, Matt! Darker blue jeans are always a good idea and definitely stay away from indigo as that color usually incorporates purple undertones. Brown shoes pair well with dark blue jeans and the white shirt you mention.

I going to a wedding, so i have a red chino and a beige linen blazer, so what must follow next with regards to shirt color, cravat color and shoes color? In regards to shirt color, we recommend a white button-down shirt to keep things crisp and clean. You should definitely wear brown shoes to compliment your beige blazer, but a light or dark brown shoe color will both work. As for cravat color, we foresee a lightly-colored perhaps light pink or red , subtly-patterned cravat looking really good with this wedding ensemble.

However extremely confused in the choice of colours and not sure what to go for. Matching your clothing colors to each other is really quite simple. The above examples are all two-color combinations. Pick two colors that work with your own coloring and repeat them throughout your outfit.

Do they have to be exact matches? No, in fact, exact tone is a sure sign of a style amateur. The pros know that staying in the same color family is all it takes to make a look hold together. Follow these simple guidelines and your looks will always be cohesive. I am going to a gala and want to wear my brown velvet jacket. What is a good combination I can put together?

I also have a black velvet jacket that I want to wear to another event. A gala always requires black tie. You should wear black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt, and a black bow tie to match your dinner jacket.

As for your other event, you should stick to a similar, classic black tie combination. Again, we recommend black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt, and a black bow tie. Enjoy your events, Keith. I have got a desert or rather gold color sleeveless cotton jacket and my skin complexion is fair white. What color cotton shirt and trouser should I go ahead with. That jacket or is it a vest? The trick is to pick clothes that work with you first and each other second. So get yourself in front of a mirror and take a look at our article on How to Choose Your Clothes: Would like your thoughts on a shirt color that would go with a cream blazer and chocolate slacks.

White is the obvious; wondering if a color might be a nice option. What color is that? Check out our article on How to Choose Your Clothes: I am planning on wearing gray dress pants with a navy jacket for a wedding in a couple of weeks. What are your thoughts on a light purple gingham vs light blue gingham style shirt, and what color and style of tie would work best? Thanks for your advice. Gingham gives you a more relaxed look. As for which color to wear, often we receive requests for advice on what color clothes match each other and our answer is always the same: How well your clothes match each other is of minor importance compared to how well your clothes match you.

You just need to know what to look for. We highly recommend giving it a read. Your best best, Naveen is to put both outfits on and look in the mirror at each and decide from there. Without seeing it on you, we can give a general recommendation, the second option is a bit stronger contrast and may work better on a dark-skinned gent. I have a blazer combination of two colors i.

Plz help me out. With either of these pants and blazer combinations, you should opt for a white, gray, or light blue dress shirt. A nice, black t-shirt is probably best fitted for this outfit—a casual but cool look.

Can I go with a baby blue shirt, dark navy pocket square and either khaki pants or navy. Actually, the truth is both pairs of pants will work. The whole outfit sounds good. We especially appreciate the rarely seen dark pocket square on light jacket combo. Next time, feel free to send your question by mail, handwritten on the back of a ticket on the next cruise to the Bahamas. Anything goes with that combination, Godswill, but start with the basics, khaki and light gray are both classic pants colors that pair with blue jackets.

As for rules which shade of pants, that depends on a few things how dark is your blue jacket, your personal preference in colors, etc. So no objections there. Instead, stock up on white and blue shirts and wear them with this jacket and pants combination. Currently in my collection I have a charcoal suit that has been worn almost to every wedding for the past 4 years.

I have a pair of light grey trousers that I want to make use out of and also for the record I have a dark skin tone. I am looking to purchase a blazer to go with the trousers. Since light gray trousers are neutral, just about any color of blazer will go with them.

Stylish men know that matching your clothes to yourself is the trick. That means choosing colors that work with your coloring, and patterns and textures that work with your body and personal style. How do you learn to do that? Check out our story on How to Choose Clothes: I have a light gray blazer and blue navy pants, what color of shirt, tie and shoes can i match it with?

Actually, we do want to mention those articles. One in particular, where we break down how to look at yourself in the mirror and build an outfit that works with your skin tone, hair color and unique features.

That article is called How to Choose Your Clothes: I am going to a beach wedding and want to pair a blue linen blazer, with lighter blue linen pants…is this ok or a fashion disaster? Check it out her e. I have a pair of black and dark gray herringbone suits that get the job done season in and season out. However since most of the weddings will be frequented by the same people, I was hoping to add some variability and versatility that can last me until I get out from my loans.

Wear your full dark gray herringbone suit. Since a dark gray suit can throw off business-y vibes, try going tie-less. Pair the suit with a light blue dress shirt, patterned or plain , and a fun pocket square if you have one.

Wear your black pants and dark gray herringbone jacket. Wearing suit separates leaves you capacity to wear a spring-appropriate tie against a white dress shirt for good contrast.

We typically like the pair this color blazer—which we call Charcoal Brown—with medium to dark blue pants. You can check out this outfit for inspiration, or take a look a these Blue Gray Birdseye pants for a more interested match-up than, say, a pair of navy blue pants. Simple tip, match your shoes to the buttons of the jacket. Ive grey wool blazer. Do you have any suggestion on the colour combination of pants and shirt.

We say tone it down with the pants and go with light gray. The last thing this outfit needs is another color. Keep it simple, Gary. In fact, we even wrote a story about it. We would recommend slim fit trousers in black or a pair of dark gray pants. I have a pink pant. What colour of blazers or jacket can i wear with and also can a black shoe go? As for blazer color, a mid to light blue is good with pink. Check out our Rivington Blazer.

If you want something lighter, we have khaki and tan colored blazers that are light in color and made with lightweight fabric for the perfect summer outfit. You see them with navy blue blazers complete with classic gold buttons and white oxford cloth, button-down color shirts all summer in places like Cape Cod, The Upper East Side of Manhattan and yacht clubs everywhere.

None of those guys wear them with black shoes, though. Gray is from the stone family of tones, khaki is from the earth tones. I am having my 50th birthday and am planning to get a brown blazer and tan shoes. I have a beard n stocky. Please advice a trouser or jeans would be nice and which colour. Also which could should I wear. We always recommend a shade of dark blue jeans, no matter what your personal shade is.

Dark blue jeans are naturally more flattering, presentable, and more mature looking. You could even wear black jeans if you want to look more formal and black jeans would complement your dark skin tone as well.

I have a black blazer and black trouser set. What other color pants can I wear with this blazer? Tan belt and Tan shoes. But will the black blazer look good with it? If you want to look a little more professional or formal, opt for a pants in a medium to light gray. What color trousers, shirt, and tie will match up well with a camel blazer?

I have been looking at black or dark grey trousers, and have blue, pink, and white shirts to pick from. I really get hung up on the tie.

I have worn light grey pants, navy jacket, light blue shirt with a navy and pink plaid tie to a couple of weddings and have received many compliments. How about reversing the roles of your original shirt and tie combination? You could wear a bolder shirt like this or this , and let the tie take more of a back seat. Check out some of the subtly patterned, blue knit ties here. Knit ties are inherently more playful and good for a wedding.

For the more formal approach to this blazer, we recommend a solid white shirt, light gray suit pants, and perhaps this maroon knit tie. I have a charcoal three piece suit that I recently bought.

Unfortunately I managed to get a couple stains on the slacks and after dry cleaning them they were not able to get them out. I have a formal to go to this weekend and was wondering if I could pair the jacket with a pair of black slacks or some other color.

Check out this story for more rules on wedding dress code. I have a dark grey charcoal jacket with a very subtle black pattern not sure what to call it. We suggest more dark gray, light gray, or black pants to go with this shirt and jacket combination.

What color tie should I go for here? Since everything is monochromatic in this outfit, any color tie would work. The trick is that it should be muted. A bright, saturated tie against a black and white outfit would be too strong and steamroll your whole look.

Suddenly everybody will be looking at your tie instead of at your face. So if you want to add a color, go with a dark, muted one like marooon.

I have a black pant and a dark green pant. There is a formal get together i have to attend. Can you help me with the Blazer and Shirt combination both with the black pant and the dark green one?? So our first bit of advice is to check out that article.

With that said, we can offer an example of a jacket and shirt that looked good on one of our models with black pants. This came off really well on this model and might work for you too. What colour of tie,blazer and pants will match with peach pink shirt? Did you look at the photo in Look 3 above, Cal? We really like that tie, blazer and pants with a pink shirt.

Alternatively, check out how we styled this Navy Blue Unsuit with a pink shirt for maximum effect. I am planning on wearing a blue blazer with dark grey or light grey chinos. Should I wear a white shirt or a light blue one? If I want to want to top it off with a tie, would you suggest it? The answer, Abhi, is looking back at you when you look in the mirror. For some, a higher contrast white shirt on a blue blazer will highlight your features.

Others would look better with a low contrast, blue shirt under a blue jacket. Check out our story on dressing from the inside out. There we give you tips on how to choose colors that work with your skin and hair colors.

I want to wear a blazer on my engagement plz suggest me colour combinations of pant shirt with gray nd black blazer Thnx. Black is tough to pair with strong colors because the contrast of a bright color and the darkness of black can be jarring.

Go with medium or light gray pants. The answer has more to do with how you look than what we think. Or should I go with a different color? Black and brown is a really difficult pairing to pull off.

As you can see from the first photos in our story on the Three-Piece Remix you can wear a brown waistcoat with a black jacket. Regardless of what color you go with, pattern is essential to pulling this look off. Avoid this by going with a patterned jacket that has brown as either a base color like this one or as an accent color like this one. These will keep things interesting and cohesive. Got a spring wedding rehearsal dinner.

Have a navy jacket and brown jacket. Wearing a navy jacket and khaki pants for the wedding so I wanted to go brown jacket for the dinner.

Brown is a neutral so you can really wear any color pants you like with the exception of black black and brown is very hard to pull off. We love the combination of brown and blue.

Just make sure to give it some contrast. Hi, My wedding is coming up very soon. Any preferable combinations for a Groom? Wearing an Unsuit at your wedding is unorthodox, but kind of cool we think.

To do that, keep the top and bottom in the same color family. Wear neutral pants and shirt colors like khaki pants and a white shirt. I am going to wear a black chinese collar suit… and not able to decide which shirt and shoes to be wear with…. Hello, I have a tan linen blazer more of light brownish. What color of trousers and shirts will go with this blaze. Anything but black will work. Blue is a natural partner with brown earth tones and water tones go well together.

It really depends more on the situation. If you were planning on wearing this jacket casually we might suggest a pair of mid-blue jeans. In the cooler weather, perhaps a heartier darker blue pair of pants would work.

For a dressier look, maybe a pair of businesslike blue gray birdseye pants. I have a pair of black and white check wool pants and I was wondering what color of blazer I could wear with them.

Thank you for your help. This is pretty much as neutral as they come. You could wear just about anything with these. The bad news about that is nobody sitting on the other end of a website answering comments is going to be able to answer that question for you. The good news is, the answers are staring right back at you every time you look in the mirror.

Looking at your own skin and hair coloring and the features of your face, you can come up with the colors that work best for you. He highly recommend you check it out.

Light gray pants and a white shirt similar to Look 1 above is always does the trick. Keep it simple and elegant. Since the jacket is camel colored, a white shirt is appropriately light and looks good on men of all types. A camel blazer cries out for brown shoes. What shade should you wear? Use the buttons on the blazer as a guide. For pants, the choice of colors is yours.

The decision really comes down to your personal style and body type and where you intend to wear this outfit, but a medium or light blue pair of pants will do the trick. If you want to class things up a bit, you might try blue slacks like these blue sharkskin pants.

Any suggestions for the pant color which can match with white shirt and tan loafers. That leaves the door open to just about any color of pants you want. Of course, appropriateness comes first. Can you suggest pants, shoes, tie and shirt colours please, thank you. There are literally millions of combinations you could come up with if you start with only one garment, like a jacket.

Instead of trying to create an entire wardrobe for you with no information, we suggest you check out our guide to matching shirts and ties where we give you step by step advice on how to come up with shirt and tie combinations that work. There are limitless choices with something as neutral as a navy blue jacket. Your best bet is to follow the first bit of advice we gave above and go with light gray pants. That jacket above has a subtle windowpane pattern, but the advice still applies.

As for the shirt, a white one always does the trick, but the patterned one we featured above also works. Bluish-gray is color neutral so a crisp white dress shirt and either blue or gray pants is your smartest choice.

I am going to wear mustard blazer. Please suggest shirt and trouser accordingly. Your best bet is a white dress shirt to go under a mustard colored blazer. As for a pair of trousers, you could probably make a few things work.

We think navy trousers pair nicely for a more high contrast look. HI i have a dark grey blazer which colored pant and shirt would look good and also which color shoes black or brown? You could easily throw some purple into the mix and look festive for the event, or this royal blue micro check shirt. If you decide to add more gray to your look, we suggest wearing black shoes. But if you end up wearing blue pants, go for the brown shoes.

Do you mean suggest you a shirt other than white? We rather like a white and camel color combination, but you could also wear a luxurious light blue shirt like such. Black and light gray is a nice high contrast look. Black with charcoal gray can just look like a muddy combination. So, to sum it up, our recommendation is to proceed with caution. Blue suit pants are an option too.

Navy is an easy pick, so we may try something like these Charcoal Blue Pants. For something really unexpected, we may even try a pair of very dark burgundy pants for an opulent Victorian, winter look.

Take some pics and tag us on social media so we can see. He only owns a navy blue blazer at the moment and is adamant about not buying a new one just for this event. Can you offer any help or guidance? Navy and black can work if both pieces are more formal, i. To give you an easy option, your husband could wear matching navy suit pants. Hopefully this helps and you can convince your husband to pull off one of these looks! You should use Look 1 above as a guide and pair your black blazer with a pair of light gray trousers.

However if you want to wear jeans, we recommend going with black jeans. Keeping your color choices basic might be your best bet here, so maybe opt for a black, gray, or white tee. Hello Team Black Lapel! Finally a place to get satisfied with the matters of Confused Separate Combinations as well!

I have got a Dark Blue Navy Blazzer slim fit with a black waistcoat to wear under it on a winter ceremony lowering with Ligh Charcoal Grey Slim Fit Trouser cotton Kindly let me know asap if this separate combination is gonna work or not!

Where your proposed outfit goes a little off is the black waistcoat. We recommend going with a waistcoat that features blue and gray in a pattern. Not to oversell it, but check that article out and it will change your life. I have a brown herringbone sport coat and a vest of identical material.

They are meant to be sold separately, not as a part of a suit. Can you give any advice regarding the types of pants and shirt and tie I can match with them? Any advice is appreciated! With blue suit pants, you could definitely rock a tie in any other shade of blue. Now get to it! What would be a good pair of pants to match with this combination of jacket and waistcoat? I have a feeling that gray or blue pants might be a little difficult to pull off.

Maybe a dark pair of jeans? Dark brown pants would work as well, as would dark jeans. Put on some gray or blue pants with it. The best way to figure out what looks good is to get dressed and look in the mirror.

Try it before you knock it. I need some help!! Can you plzz send me a picture of white coat,black pant,orange shirt,black tie,black turban. Are you wondering what the outfit will look like? We can tell you in one word: An orange shirt, a white jacket and black pants will make you look like a creamsicle gone horribly wrong. If orange is the idea, try an orange tie like this , or this with a dark blue suit like we did here.

If black is the focus, check out our story on how to wear a black suit with style where we show you why not to wear black with strong, saturated colors like orange. New Years is coming up and I have a wine colored blazer. What kind of undershirt, pants and shoes should I wear. To recommend colors without any other information would be doing you a disservice.

What we recommend, instead, is that you take a look in the mirror and look for two things: The contrast between your hair and your skin should determine how much contrast you have in your outfit. The colors you have in your face, eyes and hair should be echoed in your clothes.

Dressing for the colors and color combinations that work well with your coloring is ten times more important that matching your clothes to each other. For more on that, check out our story on how to dress from the inside out.

Fear not, while an individual style consultation might be too much for the comments, we do have a team of stylists to help you get the look you want. Use our concierge service by emailing us at concierge blacklapel. I have this speckled black blazer link above that I really love, but was wondering what color pants might be best with it?

Also, figured a white shirt beneath and a bright pocket square for some flair? Then it comes down to brown or black shoes? Guidance would be greatly appreciated. Black is in the achromatic family whites, blacks and grays while khaki is in the earthtone family dark browns, tans, beiges, and some rusty reds and burnt oranges. Those two families are like the Capulets and the Montagues and too many guys try to put them together and end up with a look that is like Romeo and Juliet at the end of the play, dead.

Your solution is to go with gray pants that will pick up on the flecks from the jacket. Ditch the brightly colored pocket square in favor or one that is also in the achromatic family aka white or gray and go with black shoes and your whole look will be cohesive and stylish.

Keep it simple, Aman. Green light or red flag? Sorry we missed you before going on our holiday hiatus from comment replying, Omar. Nonetheless, we would have given you the green light. Despite our disdain for black and red combos, you get a pass on Christmas since these two colors feature prominently in St.

For my office party. I have black blazer and tan trouser so may i know which color of shirt or t shirt will be oerfect which type of show will be perfect? A black blazer forces you into a bit of a corner. Any colors can look jarring against a black jacket. Stick with a white shirt, Arman. Black pretty much pins you in to wearing gray slacks. Stick to simple medium or light gray pants to create contrast without clashing. What should I pair a dark gray tuxedo with white lines? Not used to attending red carpet-sort-of parties, until some crazy ideas popped outta heads of our office—for a different Christmas party mood?

And, if you may, please, can I wear it in a not-so-conventional way… like with sneakers, or jeans? Without the right amount of contrast, your look just blurs together or this could even look like you put the wrong pants on — not what you want. Hi…I would like to ask for the color of coat suit matched with a peach colored shirt and also I would like you to suggest me the tie with it.

How about a pink shirt instead? A pink dress shirt can be paired with a classic navy or gray suit and with either of those, choosing a tie is easy! Im going to the wedding tonite and I like to wear dark blue blazer, lighter blue shoes and dark brown pants.

Was that good or should I replace dark brown pants with light grey shirt? What kind of shirt color is match? We always say that blue and brown are a match made in suit heaven, so it sounds like you were onto something here with your ideas.

A tuxedo would include the pants, Kenzo. When we styled our midnight brown dinner jacket and dress pants, we did it like this. We suggest you do the same. What about dark brown trousers? Staying in the same color family can create a sophisticated-looking monochrome outfit. I have dark brown black blazer. Please tell me about shirt and trouser or Jean of which colour.

Blue and brown is a classic combination. Try a medium blue shade or jeans and a light blue shirt. I would like to know how can I complement a grey blueish blazer with blue shoes. We sugggest a neutral shade of pants like dark gray to accomplish that. This is not exception to the rule, Jerry. Yes , thanks but the blazer is Light grey blueish with elbow patches blue, is it still good use dark grey pants?

Our original recommendation still applies, Jerry. I have a red dress shirt with a red and silver tie and a light gray kind of silver blazer I was wondering if I should wear silver slacks or black? Black with a more saturated red can be a pretty jarring combination.

Gray is achromatic not really a color, but a shade between black and white. That makes it as neutral as a Switzerland. So you can wear any colors you like with it. So that narrows it down to…well…just about everything. The bad news is we have no idea what colors you should wear. The answer, BJ, is looking back at you in the mirror.

It is of the utmost importance how well your clothes match you. This simple concept will change the way you dress and the way you shop.

Yeah, sure you can wear a blazer with jeans. At the bar, this comes off well. At the office, adding some color to your blazer lineup would be more fitting. Navy blue is a classic blazer color for a reason because it looks so good with so many combinations of shirts, ties, pants, etc. As for the shoes, our rule of thumb is follow the buttons. If the buttons on the jacket were, say, light brown, then a pair of cognac brown shoes might be in order. And so, black shoes it is, Josh. Hi i m sheheryar i have a cort try dark purple casual coatn light purple shirt n normal grey cotton trouser not dark or not light but strong grey plzzzz tell me n guid me is this combitination looks gud or not????

I m waiting ur reply plzzzzzzz reply me on my mail box plzzzz thanx. The answer is no. We love a lavender shirt and gray pants but would recommend either a matching gray jacket or a dark blue blazer would be more our style. Am having a silver linen blazer am using a navy blue trouser but am confused what colour of shrit to use and probably shoe to go also. I will appreciate some advice please. Navy blue and gray is a classic combination, Victor. You can wear any number of colors of shirts and shoes with this outfit.

A lot of guys think that dressing well means pulling off some sort of dazzling tricks. A crisp white shirt and some well-polished dark brown shoes will make this outfit come alive more than any showy combination of patterns and colors.

Your outfit should draw attention to your face, not beg for its own attention. Need help matching navy blue jacket, white shirt,gray pants what color tie or bow tie would match? Marvin, the answer is within you. We have no idea what color tie will look good on you. This is the secret to dressing well. Matching your clothing colors to each other is minimally important. When it comes to ties we have a simple rule of thumb.

Match your ties to your eyes. Mix in a green hued tie. For a full explanation of how to make this trick and other color matching secrets work for you, check out our story on Dressing from the Inside Out. What do you think? Also can I ask for an advice on the fabric regarding the tropical weather? A charcoal gray jacket and trousers is an excellent choice for just starting out! I have a tailor made dark charcoal color Blazer.

I have a cotton white shirt and navy trouser. I am going to attend a marriage in next week. Also , I am looking for a tie. As for the tie, you could opt for a brighter light blue tie to add some festivity to your look. If you want to be a little more formal, you could match your tie to your navy trousers.

Of course, like we always say, all color recommendations are subject to how they look on you. A great combo is made even greater when it aligns with your features and coloring. Generally speaking dark brown and pale blue makes for a nice combination, so a light blue shirt might be in order.

Actually, whether your clothes match each other is not the most important question. A color combination that complements you is the key to dressing well. Hi guys so I bought a grey wool blend blazer and a wasitcoast to match. I was thkinking of copper coloured chinos? Gray is a neutral color so pretty much anything goes when it comes to colors. Focus, instead on patterns and textures.

It sounds like your jacket is a solid. A pair of solid pants might come off looking boring and safe. Patterned pants are difficult to pull off, but subtle weaves and small patterns like birdseye and houndstooth can add visual interest and break up the color block look of all solids. Actually I am having black shirt and purple shirt and now for both shirts I m having cream color pant nd jeans now the main problem is I m planning to buy a blazer so which color would suit best for both I m thinking of brown blazer what do u suggest???

A brown blazer is always a winner. They work with a lot of colors and are easy to wear dressed up or casually. Instead wear it with blue and white shirts to bring out the browns. Not sure what color shoes should i go for…. Any help would be much appreciated! Check out our Decoding the Dress Code: Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. Will going for look comprising: Dark Blue Shirt sleeves folded to elbows with a light blue skinny tie. Khakhi coloured trousers chinos.

All jokes aside not really joking though , this sounds like a perfect warm weather wedding outfit. I just made a slim modern style navy blue double breasted suit. Im going to buy shirt tie and pants. There we suggest matching your ties to your eyes. We also suggest focusing more on the level of contrast in your outfit than the specific color combinations.

I just bought a brown houndstooth blazer with subtle hints of blue in the fabric that I plan on wearing with premium blue jeans. Can I get away with a blue shirt, or should I stick with white? If so, what shade of blue, and would patterned work or contrast too much with the jacket?

Wearing a blue shirt is a good idea, Chris. As for the color matching, choose a blue that highlights the hints of blue in the jacket to bring your look together.

Make it easier on yourself and stick with a solid shirt. I have a black jacket and charcoal pants. Having a hard time coming up with shirt and tie combo. As for the tie, we like monochrome accents with black jackets so a patterned gray tie is our first suggestion. If you do want to infuse some color into the outfit, do it carefully. A bright saturated colored tie against a black jacket can get really clownish really quickly. Instead of fire engine red, try deep dark burgundy.

Instead of bright lavender, try a toned down gray with lavender stripes. Actually, it is once you master these principles. Hi John, good call on the white. Best color to close out the summer with. As for a shirt, you have a lot of matching options. A white Oxford is a solid choice, but check out this Light Blue Gingham if you want to add some play to your outfit.

Lastly, you definitely want to pair this blazer with a pair of loafers, sans socks. I have a black self design Casual blazer and I am planning to wear a white v-neck T-Shirt in with light charcoal Grey pant!

Will the grey pant have its elegance or should I go with black pant? I like the idea of the light gray pants in this outfit!

Woah there, shiny dark purple. Since your blazer sounds vibrant, you should pair it with darker pants, like black, a black tie to match, and a white dress shirt will do the trick. For more one-on-one advice, Satyam, we suggest using our Black Lapel Concierge service by emailing us at concierge blacklapel.

That way we can offer more specifics about filling out your wardrobe with more versatile pieces. I have a light gray blazer and m thinking of wearing a navy pant with a light blue shirt. Would this combination look good or should I for go some other options.

Can u suggest any. It would be a great help. This combination sounds good as long as your shirt is a light enough shade of blue to contrast with your navy pants. Otherwise, this is a great spring look. I have a dark grey blazer. Im thinking a pair og Navy slimfit suit trousers would be sufficient? Am i totally wrong? Are you totally wrong, André? Dark gray on dark blue will make for a pretty contrast-free outfit. Instead, do as we did in Look 1 above. There, we highlighted how the dark blue jacket really stands out atop a pair of light gray pants.

Just apply the same thinking but with the gray on the top and the blue on the bottom. That means pairing the dark gray blazer with a pair of light blue pants that distinguish themselves from the jacket. Or you could stick with the navy pants and change the jacket to a lighter gray like this. Hoping for any input and help. So work around it. Instead of the classic brown and blue combo, try light gray pants and, say, a white shirt. This combination of solids will keep your trim from being one of many little details that make for a busy outfit.

Remember, when it comes to style, simpler is almost always better. I have a light blue blazer should I wear white or grey pants with it. I was thinking light blue blazer white or light pink dress shirt cognac loafers.

What color tie or bow tie. So that means wearing the white shirt with the gray pants and, for the summer version of this outfit, switch to the pink shirt with the white pants.

As for the tie, the whole outfit is pretty neutral and light, so you can go in a lot of different directions. Perhaps the sharpest pairing would be a tie like this one , that draws on the cognac color from your shoes for a well put together combo.

One like this would really cap off your look. Being a tailored clothing brand, we will always say wearing anything but Black Lapel clothing is a no-go!

Both are so dark the combination ends up looking weak and muddled. Opt for a different colored jacket. Check out our Unsuits for some great blazer and navy blue pants combinations all of the jackets you see there can also be purchased as blazers. Very impressed with the light grey pant for winter dress been looking for a light grey flannel no luck.

Welcome to Reddit,

A navy blue blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can have in his wardrobe. Classically, it has been paired with a white button-up shirt and khaki trousers. However, a navy blue blazer may be worn with a plethora of styles of pants and shirts. Navy blue pants look really good with white or stone; think the "nautical sailor" theme. If you pair your navy blue pants with a white blazer, opt for baby pink shirt, light blue, or a matching white shirt for an eccentric summertime aesthetic. Find great deals on eBay for pants with blue blazer. Shop with confidence.